****U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Jacksonville District - HYPACK 2013 Update Training - Jacksonville Depot Site Office - July 30 - Aug 1, 2013****


Joy Spencer (501) 304-1304 Christine.J.Spencer@usace.army.mil
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Fran Woodward JAX Depot Site Office
Matt Staley JAX Depot Site Office
Kevin Smith JAX Depot Site Office
Tommy Thompson JAX Depot Site Office
Billy Rentz JAX Depot Site Office
Clay McCoy JAX Depot Site Office
James Allison JAX Depot Site Office
Steve Holland JAX Depot Site Office
Gary “POGO” Campbell Tampa Site Office


USACE Jacksonville Hydrographic Survey Office wanted to get some updated training on the changes in the 2013 version.


Provide information about the updates in the 2013 version and specific training on the following: new Geodetic Parameters Window, Targets in SURVEY and Main Shell, Magnetometer, Subbottom, and Sidescan Interfacing and processing, MBMAX64, Patch and Performance Tests, CLOUD64, SORT64, Golden Soundings, and SBMAX Beam Steering effects and MB vs. SB Overlays.

Device - Driver List

HYPACK Hardware
Make-Model Device Driver Offset Port Offset Stbd Offset Vertical Serial Connection - Network IP/Port
Trimble SPS-461 GPS.dll
Applanix POS MV OdomCV3.dll
ROSS Singlebeam Echotrac.dll
TSS DMS-05 GPS.dll
Geometrics 882 OdomCV3.dll
Marine Mag Seaspy Echotrac.dll
Time SYNC Source
GPS.dll (ZDA) & POSMV.dll (Group 7) UTC Time - 5 Local
HYSWEEP Hardware
Make-Model Device Driver Offset Port Offset Stbd Offset Vertical Serial Connection - Network IP/Port
Applanix POS MV Hypack Navigation
Applanix POS MV POS MV Network
R2Sonic 2024 R2Sonic 2024
Make-Model Device Driver Offset Port Offset Stbd Offset Vertical Serial Connection - Network IP/Port
Applanix POS MV Hypack Navigation
Edgetech 4200 Edgetech 4200
Customization? If so Explain:

Connection Diagram

If you have a diagram or schematic, enter here.


HYPACK Geodetic Parameters Local Grid Adjustment RAW Parameters

Predefined Grid Zone
NAD 83 Florida East
Distance Unit Horizontal Vertical
US Survey Feet US Survey Feet
Geoid File Name Ortho Ht. Corr.
g2012au0 N/A 0.00

Daily Log

Tuesday - July 30

- Changes and Updates in 2013 Version. Geodetic Parameters and VDatum Updates. Export, Targets, Schemebuilder, SBMAX, Towfish driver

Wednesday - July 31

- MBMAX64 and Patch Test 64

Thursday - August 1

- Cloud64, Sort64, Golden Soundings, Remote Assistance

- Remote Assistance - The Florida 2 was at dock and we got on and viewed their setup. They told me they had WIFI that brings in their RTK Corrections on NON-ACE-IT computers. So, I showed them how to access the Remote Assistance and get the User ID and password. I wrote them down and we went back to the classroom. I quickly logged into the Data Collection computer and showed how they could have us perform this. Next, I logged into the Processing computer and did the same. They said that this would be a great feature for them to use.

- SB vs MB Overlay differences. Important to Note that they were having some large discrepancies between SB and MB. I compared some data they gave me and when I asked if they were using the “Steer Sounding Beam” and “Sounding Migration” functions, they had no idea what I was talking about. After explaining each and applying them to the data they had supplied, the Overlays were now +/- 0.1' to 0.2'. They said that that was the most important thing they got from the training and would be adding these procedures as “mandatory editing” functions in their future Scopes of Work (See pic below).

Overall Course Overview

- The attendees were very interactive and inquisitive.

Pending Issues and Suggestions

- Export - When converting a KTD file to an XYZ file, you get a 'rtl170.bpl error' window (See pic below). After clicking 'OK' in Window, Conversion continues and completes the creation of the XYZ file.|

- Converted KTD to XYZ file plots correctly in Main Shell, but Z-values do not match the Overlaying KTD circled values (See pic below).|

- When a Target (F5) is created in Survey, then opened in Survey (F6) to modify its Properties with a Bearing and Distance, the Bearing and Distance are stored within the TGT file for that Target, but the new Coordinates for the 'modified' Target are not stored in the TGT file. They can be viewed inside Survey, but only if you view the Properties of a specific Target. The Suggestion is this: If a Target gets a Bearing and Distance added to its Properties, then 1)Keep the original Target with its Properties and create a 'new' Target for the 'modified' Target location, or 2) Add two (2) Columns or Fields to the TGT file that will accommodate the Coordinates for the 'modified' Target location (See pic below).|

- If Targets were created on one day, and they want to be able to display that previous day's Targets, it now becomes the current Target file and all 'new' Targets are appended to it, instead of creating a new Target file for the current day's date. Workaround (provided by John L), is to bring in the previous day's Target file as a Chart, once you are in Survey. This worked well, but does not allow them to access the Properties of those previous day's Targets, without going to the Target menu and opening the previous day's Target file and making it current. They want to know if it is possible to have 'multiple' days of Target files 'enabled' in Survey, but have 'new' Targets created in the current day's dated Target file. (Just the messenger here)|

- MBMAX64 - “Draw Selected Files Only” will show ONLY the Trackline of the Selected Files, but does not ONLY 'draw' the Matrix portion of the Selected Files, it still displays ALL the files that were originally loaded into the Editor.|

- MBMAX64 - When applying Matrix Filters, and you have run thru them several times until NO Yellow x's show up, then decide to change the Cloud Section Size, and 10's of thousands of 'new' Yellow X's appear. I went thru this procedure 6 times, switching between 100' and 200' Cloud Section Sizes and it displayed and then removed 75,000 points, then 22,000 points, then 5,000 points, then 1400 points, then 415 points, then 158 points. If the Matrix Cell Size was not changing (only the Cloud Size changing), how was it continuing to find over 100,000 new Matrix Filter points?|

- MBMAX64 - Used the 'Cloud Popup' feature and did some editing, then changed the Cursor back to its normal mode, and lost the 'Cloud Popup' and 'Manual Cross Section' Tool functions. Simple 'Zoom Extents' and they came back. Might be a tricky trace for this issue.|

- MBMAX64 - When saving the Patch Test results to RTF file, the screen capture is set to an Executive Scale of 7.25” height and 10.5” Width. This will require the use of 8.5” x 14” Legal Landscape to plot fully. Is it possible to change the scale of the screen capture to plot fully on a standard 8.5” x 11” Letter Portrait format?|

- CLOUD & CLOUD64 - Possibility to add the green 'Checked Beams' feature to these, like MBMAX64.


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